Welcome to Summer Camp Online!

To start off, let us tell you why we’re here.  Summer Camp Online was founded by those of us at IncrediFlix. IncrediFlix has been offering summer camps and kids classes for 15 years, and we’ve partnered with more than 150 municipal recreation centers around the country to do so.  We saw that traditional camps might not be an option everywhere this summer,* and we know that keeping kids entertained and educated day in and day out, week after week, in the midst of a national quarantine is not for the faint of heart (as we have kids ourselves), so we came up with this idea. 

Summer Camp Online offers a wide selection of regularly scheduled live online classes from talented instructors across just about any category imaginable, geared to children ages 5 to 17.  From digital art to improv to website building to ACT prep to string music lessons to story writing to karate to video game making to movie editing to amusement park history and science…and on and on…with new classes being added regularly. 

Here’s how it works: Would-be instructors submit a detailed proposal for a class to Summer Camp Online. If the class sounds promising, the instructor is interviewed and undergoes a background check before the live class can launch. Parents can shop a menu of age-specific classes on the camp website, read the course descriptors, learn about the instructor, and register their child for the time slot that fits their schedule.  

And because of our relationships with Rec Centers around the country and the standards Summer Camp Online has set for our live classes, several large city rec departments in several states have already partnered with us to help promote the courses. A portion of all enrollments from those cities go back to those rec departments to help through this tough time, along with scholarships to help people in need right now.  

We’re really excited about Summer Camp Online and the classes we’re offering. It’s going to give parents and kids back some structure in their day and provide a needed reprieve from the stress of quarantining. The classes are all about helping kids stay busy, happy and healthy while learning new skills, all from the comfort of their home.  And as parents ourselves, we understand firsthand the need to find new outlets for our kids in these crazy times.

Summer Camp Online also offers private courses to groups of friends. Inquiries can be made to or 302-689-3715.

*This post was originally written April 2020, and transferred to the new Summer Camp Online site when we updated software.