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Class Description


Kidscapades mini- camp days incorporate areas of art, science and sensory exploration. Each camp day will be focused on fantastical adventures. Children will transform themselves into pirates as they go in search of treasures. Fairies as they create beautiful fairy projects and fairy dust. They will tap into their inner rock star. Oh, and of course become paleontologists and dig for dinosaur fossils. Join us for adventures of epic proportions!


Class Requirements


Ages 3-6 Minimum 4 Maximum 10


Please prepare materials prior to class and have them ready available for children during class.


Class Supplies


Monday: Rockstar
2 bowls
4 oz bottle of glue
1/2 cup hot water
food coloring
1 tsp Borax soap
1 cup hot water
popsicle stick
small round hard foam balls found in floral department at Michaels or Joannes ( typically comes in 6 pack )
silver glitter
additional glue
large star cut out of white poster board
yellow paint
black paint
paint brushes


Optional items: cool sunglasses, beads, rockstar hats, wigs


Tuesday: Paleontologist
1 8×10 piece of white construction or card stock paper
green crayon or marker
black crayon or marker
small googley eyes / optional
glue or tape
single hole punch
yarn or string
balloon * if don’t have balloon use ice cube tray
2 cups hot water
very small dino toy
3 deep trays with sides
pipette or turkey baster
red food coloring
baking soda
Dixie size cup
shaving cream
toy dinos
paper towels or cloth
green washable paint or green food coloring
dino templates you received in email


*Prior to class please prep the following:
Cut dino body parts from template
Cut dino head and eye section out from template
Fill balloon or ice cube tray with tap water to make a very small size egg shape .Place small dino toy inside. (the smaller the better) Place in freezer. Prior to start of class cut balloon open to reveal the dino egg place inside a tray. PS Try not to show the kids whats inside the egg they will soon find out during class!
Optional items: safari hat, binoculars


Whatever you have available popsicle stick, kabob stick, stick from yard
paint ( your fairy or wizards favorite color)
white construction paper or thick white paper*
2 Dixie size cups
baking soda
food coloring
dish soap
deep tray
ziplock baggie


*Pre-cut star shape from thick paper (construction paper) prior to class to decorate during class. Optional items: fairy wings, fairy costumes, wizard hats, wizard costumes


Thursday: Pirates
egg carton
black paint
red paint
paint brushes
popsicle stick
pirate flag*
blue sticky tack or putty/clay
*white poster board or card stock paper
sword template*
2 packages of dried black beans
large deep container ( approxiamtely 2 inch deep with sides)
scooping tools
small bucket or plastic bowl
gold coins and other treasures ( gems, small toys etc. anything small to hide)


A pirate flag and sword template will be emailed. Prior to class trace sword template onto card stock or poster board. Cut one section from egg carton to be the base of small boat, trim top to make flat. Optional items small pirate chest, small pirate figures, eye patch, pirate hat,


If optional items are unavailable, please don’t worry, fun will be had by all, we promise!


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