Art- The Masters and Crafts –

Art- The Masters and Crafts –

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Class Description


This class is designed for children 7-12 year old. We will learn about the early "masters of painting" that are part of the foundation of today’s art. The first part of the class is designed to learn facts about the artists and their art technique. The 2nd part students will learn and apply the techniques to their own art pieces. The class is designed to be instructional ….and lots of FUN.


Class Requirements


Be an artist, remember to bring your smile and have fun.!".


Class Supplies


acrylic paint
water color set
a cup of water



Question 1 Do I need to have a lot of painting experience to be in class?

Answer 1 No this class is for all students. In this class you will learn "how" great artists of the past used paint to make their paintings.

Question 2 Should I take notes about the artist?

Answer 2 Please feel free to use a notebook or a sketchbook to write about the artist. You can even doodle and draw the ideas we talk about

Question 3 Why is it good to know about people who had such old paintings?

Answer 3 The painters of old were very good at creating pictures with "techniques". Techniques are ways of making a painting (a brushstroke, or how the paint is on the page, the colors they may use.) As an artist, you want to use techniques to help you create a painting. Many newer artist look back at the techniques of these older artists.

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