Braiding for Beginners Summer Camp

Braiding for Beginners Summer Camp

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Class Description


This is a fun and engaging summer camp to teach children the art of hair-braiding.


Your daughter or son can learn how to braid natural hair, and with hair extensions.


This course will teach children the basics of hair braiding, braided style designs, haircare 101, nutrition and haircare.


Your Child can learn a new skill, learn self-control, and how to make a income from braiding.
Guest speakers, field trips,(yes, we go on a field trip),and a Facebook page to showcase work.



Class Requirements


must be at least 8 years old
Ability to get Zoom
Facebook page (for communication to Instructor)


Class Supplies


Hair mannequin or a live subject for practice.
Check with instructor for ideas if you cant purchase a mannequin head.
fine tooth comb with metal tip
spray bottle for water
Notebook and writing supplies



Do I have to have course or curly hair to have my hair braided?

No! All hair can be braided. Products, such as, gels, creams, and clips can be used to control the hair.

Can I have my hair braided with extensions if my hair is straight/and or fine?

Yes, all types of hair can be braided using hair extensions. The hair extensions can be matched to your own hair color, too!

Can boys learn how to braid hair? Can boys where there hair braided?

Yes! It is very popular for boys to have there hair braided. Barbers often have hair braiding skills, or will hire a hair braider to braid men’s hair

How much are mannequin heads? Do I need a mannequin head?

Mannequin heads range in prices from $20-$28. However, a Styrofoam wig head and old wig from the thrift store can work as well. Instructor will give children tips on how to practice on their own hair, too.

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  • Ruchi
    Teacher never showed up

    We waited for 15 mins but teacher never showed up. So the class never happened. No information or notification whatsoever by the teacher before or after. But got the refund easily from the company later.

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