Ukulele Bootcamp!

Ukulele Bootcamp!

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Class Description


Are you up for a challenge this summer? A challenge to learn something brand new and super fun? Well, you’ve found the right course! This is where music meets fitness, and where fitness meets FUN!
Here’s what to expect on our wonderful journey:
>Expect to learn the Ukulele components, Basic Care, and Proper Positioning
>Expect to get the blood flowing and increase overall health with simple exercises YOU can master!
>Expect to learn the most useful chords that’ll enable you to play ANY song.
>You can undoubtedly expect to see my big smiley face 5 days a week too (heeheehee)!


I like to teach in intervals of both lessons and Brain Breaks in order to keep your brilliant minds engaged in the class! Sometimes you have to disengage to re-engage!


There will be digital/printable Lesson Plans for everyone to stay well informed with!


Class Requirements


>A Ukulele
>A Tuner (there are a variety of phone apps that work GREAT for this!!!)


Class Supplies


Bring a water bottle because we’ll be moving and grooving!
If you have a strap for your Ukulele, that’s also a plus!


Questions, Anyone?

How long is the course?

One week. Monday through Friday.

How long is each session within the course?

50 minutes!

No Schedules Currently Available.