Growing Your Own Garden

Growing Your Own Garden

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Class Description


Introduces the Tower Garden as a great visual, learning tool that teaches children of all ages; science, math,biology,english, and gardening in a fun and interesting manner.
Students will learn through different activities, asking questions, and participation, to stay actively engaged.Students will learn new gardening techniques; where you do not need yard space or soil.


Class Requirements


Attendance, active participation, and asking questions.


Class Supplies


If you wish to purchase a Tower Garden; you can through your distributor or me.
If not, no worries.Different activities will require markers, whiteboard, paper,produce from home, and at times cookware.



What is a Tower Garden?

It is a unique way of growing plants in that, they grow in an air environment without the use of soil.

How many plants can a Tower Garden grow?


What can I grow with a Tower Garden?

Vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.

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