Photography 101

Photography 101

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Class Description


Here we learn to really use our cameras! How do we shoot in manual? What’s shutter speed, aperture and ISO? How do I uniquely compose a photo? How do I use light to my advantage outdoors and in-studio? We answer ALL these questions here!


We can’t wait to welcome you in and get started!


Class Requirements


A DSLR or mirrorless camera is a must. Your camera must be able to shoot in manual, and have these three basic functions: shutter speed, aperture and ISO.


Class Supplies


Your camera, something to take notes on, something to take notes with, a mind ready to learn and a good attitude!



What kind of camera do you recommend?

For a starting camera, I recommend Canon’s Rebel T8i or Nikon’s D3500.

Will I be taking actual photos?

Yes! When we aren’t going over a lesson, you should practice. Photography is about consistent improvement.

I don't think I have an eye for photography. Should I still join?

Of course you should still join! Many believe this before they even attempt to train their eye. Everything takes time and practice and I’m here to help you begin your journey. Photographers are always improving, evolving and training their eye. And that’s true for the best photographers in the world!

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