Princess Days

Princess Days

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Class Description


Kidscapades mini- camp days incorporate areas of art, science and sensory exploration. Each day a different princess will be explored inside our castle walls. Everything princess from art projects to games. If your child loves princesses , this camp is the perfect choice!


Class Requirements


Ages 3-6 Minimum 3 Max 10


Please gather materials prior to class and have them readily available for children.


Class Supplies


Monday: Cinderella
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tsp cream of tarter
1 cup water
2 tbs veggie oil
food coloring
large bowl
popsicle stick
*white poster board or card stock paper
paint ( your princesses favorite color)
paint brush
*toilet paper tube
glitter, gems, anything with bling
*Prior to camp please cut large star from poster board or card stock. Cut slit down the center of toilet paper tube lengthwise. Optional wear Cinderella costume, princess crown.


Tuesday: Ariel
large deep totes container filled with water
water or beach toys
white construction paper
blue paint
shaving cream
*picture of Ariel
string or ribbon
A picture of Ariel will be provided. Optional items wear Ariel costume, princess crown


Wednesday: Frozen
baking soda
Suave conditioner
deep large tray
pipette or turkey baster
white construction paper
*Olaf picture
blue paint
white balloons
black marker
*An picture of Olaf will be provided. Optional items wear Elsa or Ana costume, princess crown


Thursday: Snow White
Dixie cup
food coloring
1 Tbsp baking soda
dish soap
deep tray
*white poster board or card stock paper
paint ( Princesses favorite color)
glitter, sequins
popsicle stick or small dowel
tin foil
*Prior to class please draw and precut mirror on poster board. Cut tin foil the shape of top of mirror. Mirror template will be provided. Optional items wear Snow White costume, princess crown.


If princess costumes are not available please don’t worry ,its just optional. You may substitute with something fancy if you wish or nothing at all:) Fun will still be had, we promise! Princess coloring sheets are provided for your children to color after our camp days!


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