Psychology – The world of the emotions # 1

Psychology – The world of the emotions # 1

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Class Description


Emotions ? What is this ?
Do you know that human being can feel around 27 emotions in the same day ?


How you can control this 27 emotions or more ?


Lets see how and what we can do with this, in a positive way for our live.


We going to learn through some samples like: movies, stories, lectures and examples, what happened with the feelings and why we feel those.


Schedules :
1. ¿What it’s psychology?
2. Our brain
3. Emotional intelligence ¿What is this?
4. 7 Basic emotions ¿Which are these?
5. Hundreds of emotions that human being have
6. Reason VS Emotion
7. ¿How many types of intelligences does the human being have?


Class Requirements


-White sheets
-colored markers
-Black pen


Class Supplies


-Some resources that i’m going to send you
(stories, pictures, music.etc.)


No Schedules Currently Available.