The At The Wave Experience. Sound (Extensive)

The At The Wave Experience. Sound (Extensive)

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Class Description


The Focus of this class is to teach about sound. We will focus on the science of sound. Additional topics also address subjects that include but are not limited to character education values, confidence building, and individual uniqueness.


There are discussions, singing and dancing in this class.


Class Requirements

Class Supplies


A printer to print out practice sheets



What will the kids be able to do after taking this class?

Answer- They will be able to identify the four elements of sound, how sound travels, the path through the ear, the measurement of sound and much more. They will also talk about social justice issues, like bullying, being a good friend and how great it is to be different and to except people that are different.

Why teach science with the aide of music?

Answer 2- Learning with music makes science less scary for the kids. It also relaxes them which makes it easier to learn.

What do you hope to accomplish with this class.

Answer 3- I want to give them a memorable experience they can take with them for the rest of their life.

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