Advanced Nature Art- Summer Camp with Ms.Fae !

Advanced Nature Art- Summer Camp with Ms.Fae !

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Class Description


This Summer Camp program is for advanced art making! In this program we will be exploring various forms of art such as Studying and Painting and/drawing trees and mushrooms, animals in nature and animals you connect to, flowers, Sacred Geometry in Nature, and Landscape Painting! With each class, there will be nature and mindfulness lessons alongside the art making and encouragement of soulful expression ! Hope to see you there!


Ages 11-17


**Featured Image is part of a Painting I did


Class Requirements


-Fits Age Range
-Passionate in taking the Course!


Class Supplies


-Sketchbook or Copy/Printer Paper
-Watercolor Paper
-Black Pen
-Gouache Paint (tubes preferred)-Need to at least have A red, a blue, and a yellow and a white either titanium or Zinc white
-Brushes in all sizes and shapes- Synthetic (non animal based-unless using already used animal based ones) brushes – round and flat brushes.
-Collected Leaves, pinecones, flowers and other objects in nature
-Cup for water
-Any type of palette (can be a recycled or repurposed piece of wood or glass also) or Palette Paper
-Paper towels or Rag Nearby


-Black Ink pens
-Watercolor paint
-Acrylic paint
-Watercolor Gloss medium



Do I need any prior art experience since it is an advanced art course?

You do not need to have prior art experience outside of the very basics but having a passion towards the course material and/or willingness to learn, focus and study is the most important!

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