Art as Self Care for Teens

Art as Self Care for Teens

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Class Description


Want to feel more confident, happy and productive? Creating art is an act of self care. We will tap into your individual well of creativity with drawing, writing and mixed media prompts.


Life is challenging and making art allows us to think of new solutions while enjoying a hobby.
All levels welcome in this class dispelling self care myths and exploring how to live a more nourishing, focused life by building positive habits.


We will co-create a safe space to share individual stories and address what is most current in our lives through our art making. Additionally- I believe that process is just as important as the product, and this class is a lot of process!!


Class Requirements


This class is designed for youth ages 13-17


No art experience necessary, simply a desire to learn and grow and live more fully in joy!


Class Supplies


Journal or paper :
Lined writing paper and blank drawing paper recommended
Pencil, pens
Your choice of art making materials (colored pencils, markers, paint, collage supplies etc)



Do I need to be an artist?

No experience necessary as we explore activities in a few different mediums.

Is self care for me?

Self care is for everyone! It is our birthright regardless of gender, financial status, race or age- and it looks different for each of us.

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