Character Animation Bootcamp (Intermediate)

Character Animation Bootcamp (Intermediate)

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Class Description


Are you a student of animation looking to challenge yourself? In this independent studies course, I will assess your skill level and then give you lectures and assignments to help you on your journey to leveling up.


Class Requirements


Roughly one years experience with animation as a general art form and the ability to work independently in the software or medium of your choice.


Class Supplies


Access to your animation software/medium of choice.



Can I use any medium or software I'd like?

Absolutely, although please know that this is not a software course. In most instances, I will not be able to teach that much about whichever software you choose. My focus will primarily be on your animation, not on the technicalities of your software.

How experienced should I be? How do you define "intermediate"?

If you can do a ball bounce and a walk cycle (even clumsily), then this class is right for you. I only ask for experience animating because this class is intended to be a training program for students who already understand the basics. Total familiarity with the 12 Principles of Animation as defined by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston is not required, for example.

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