Comics & Cartoons, 3rd – 6th grade!

Comics & Cartoons, 3rd – 6th grade!

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Class Description


Do you love comics? So do I! Let’s make some together!


If you enjoy Dogman or the Babysitter’s Club, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll go over character design, sound effects, drawing backgrounds (plus some sneaky tricks on cheating at drawing backgrounds, and more!


Learn about emanata, the secret code of comics that make superheroes fly and pies smell!


Lastly, we’ll learn how to make multi-page comics using tools that you have in your own home!


Class Requirements


3rd – 6th grade


Class Supplies


Blank paper and drawing materials are a must!


Ideally students will be able to print out worksheets, but blank paper also works.


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Ages 8 to 12