Drawing for Beginners: Character Faces and Bodies

Drawing for Beginners: Character Faces and Bodies


Class Description


Have you ever had a cool character in your mind and wanted to bring them to life through art? New to art and want to learn to draw people? Not sure where to begin? This may be the class for you!


In this class we will learn the fundamentals of character concepting and design by studying human anatomy (you need to learn the rules before you can break them). We will use this information to then look at existing characters from comics, shows, and movies. After this, you will put what you’ve been learning to the test by designing a character of your own and making a short character bio to go with them (cause what’s a cool looking character without an equally awesome backstory!?).


By the End of this course, you should have a basic understanding of human anatomy, character concept techniques, and how to tell a character’s story in their design.


Class Requirements


I willingness to learn from the ground up! As a beginner course, no art experience is required.


Class Supplies


Traditional Paper Drawing
> Pencil & good eraser
> Paper


> Various Colored Drawing Pencils (Prismacolor Col-Erase is ideal)
> Inking pens or reliable gel pen
> Pad of drawing paper
> Printer (to print out an reference images provided)


Alternate Supplies (Digital Drawing)
> Functional Drawing tablet
> Computer with installed drawing program (Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, or GIMP)


> "Draw-On" Screen drawing tablet
> Computer with full version of Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop.



Will we be learning how to color our characters?

Unfortunately, not in this course. Coloring and rendering characters is too complicated to include in a beginner character drawing course. We may touch on some color concepting, but I will be offering a coloring/lighting course in the future.

Can I draw cartoons?

Sure! We will be first focusing on the fundamentals of the human skeleton, so that everyone has a good foundation. But, once you start designing, you are free to do so in your own preferred style. I can still offer guidance!

Will we draw scenes and backgrounds?

Not in this course. You may not know, that often in cartooning and comic art, there are special artists who draw backgrounds! I am a character artist. While I am capable of drawing background (and we may touch on them briefly), it is a topic better suited to more experienced background illustrators.

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(5 sessions total)
Ages 18 and below