Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

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Class Description


Learn to sketch croquis, and apply silhouettes, textiles, and features to create your very own croquis’ sketch stylization. Applications taught in this class are related bringing up one of your sketches into a pattern for future clothing construction. Take separate pattern making to learn how to make real sellable clothes which are industry standard.


Class Requirements


All supplies are required at 1st day of class.


Class Supplies


Three Pencils, with pencil sharpener or 5 automatic pencils, Sketch pad 11×17 (Strathmore)can be purchased at Walmart $5.35, Pentel Hi-Polymer White Eraser Staples, or Walmart $1.99. Prisma color pencils can be bought separately or in a metal tin. You may choose a flesh color for the skin brown, beige, pink (s) or golds. Print outs of croquis dolls will be provided as templates, and emailed to students prior to class. Please have all supplies prior to start of class. Those students which do not have required supplies will be booked for the following week of classes.



When does class start?

1st Class/ May 31 to June 1,2,3
2nd Class / June 14-17

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