Holistic Wellness to Feel Great!

Holistic Wellness to Feel Great!


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Kids! How are you feeling? Did you know there are fun and practical ways you can feel your best, even when life is difficult, stressful, or sad? In this summer camp we will discuss how to unlock the super-powers within you to help you grow up to be your strongest, happiest, and healthiest self! Let’s have fun learning the ways to be well.


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Class Supplies


Notepad and pen, or tablet/device to take notes.



Why is it important for children to learn about wellness?

Wellness is all about "programming" healthy habits into your body, mind, and emotions. Wellness is a life-long journey to learn. Sort of like with sports, drawing, or other activities, the earlier in your life you start practicing, the more of your life you will get to be good at it! So why not start learning now, so you can become a wellness superstar even at a young age!

What if my child has special abilities or needs?

Anyone can become a wellness superstar! We invite all children in the class age-range to join us. If you have specific questions regarding your child, please contact our support.

Does this camp have homework...?

I’ll answer your question with a question: Did you know homework can be FUN?? Yes, there are homework assignments, but they will be fun and easy. And most importantly – they will help you become a wellness superstar!

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(4 sessions total)
Ages 8 to 12