Intro to Breakdancing ( Ages 9-12 )

Intro to Breakdancing ( Ages 9-12 )


Class Description


In this introduction to breakdance you will learn the basics to get started to be a breakdancer:


-Top rock/Up rock
-Floor rock
-Beginner power moves


We will start all classes with a warm up and stretch and then go in to the lesson and practice.


Class Requirements


Just be on time and bring a positive attidude


Note: If you only have carpet and it is within budget a windbreaker outfit will be helpful to avoid rug/carpet burns. Either way I have taken into consideration the fact that some may only have carpet and prepared back up moves to learn just in case.


Class Supplies


– Water would be good to have.
– Comfortable, flexible clothing (Long sleeve is preferable but not necessary
– Comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers)


Note: In the most Ideal cases it would be best to have a hardwood, laminate, linoleum, Vinyl or tile floor to practice on. If it is not possible and you only have carpet you can either break down a large cardboard box ( 4 ft by 4ft or larger ) and it will be sufficient for the class.


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Class Times

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(5 sessions total)
Ages 9 to 12