Introduction to Animation in Blender

Introduction to Animation in Blender

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Class Description


An introduction to both Animation as an art form and to Blender as an Animation program.


Blender is a free and open source 3D creation suite that is capable of both 2D and 3D animation, as well as a host of other artistic use cases. I entered the world of 3D animation through a competitor software called Autodesk Maya, which is more or less an industry standard right now. However, since being introduced to Blender, I’ve completely jumped over! Blender is easy to learn, capable of any 3D art animation you might wish to do, and best of all it’s free to use!!


Class Requirements


Blender demands a lot of power from your computer, so this class requires access to a computer with at least 16GB of RAM. File sizes can also get large, so a couple of gigabytes of storage is also required, though in the age of cloud storage that becomes easier and easier.


Class Supplies


Computer (laptop or PC) with at least 16GB or RAM.
. The ability to use Left Click, Right Click and Middle Mouse Button (a mouse is highly recommended but not required).
. A keyboard (a number pad is recommended but not required).



I have no experience, is this class for me?

Yes!! This class serves as both an introduction to the software and an introduction to the art of animation.

I have some experience in either 3D software or animation, is this class for me?

I have experience working in group settings where the skill levels between participants is not equal. I do my best to teach to students as individuals, not groups, so if you join a class of mine and you find yourself more advanced than the average student, I will do my best to meet you where you’re at. This will include having custom assignments that fit the sessions lecture/theme but are tailor made for your skill level.

I fall below the minimum computing requirements, why am I discouraged from participating?

Blender can be resource intensive, and the less RAM that you have the more you’ll experience lag, program crashes, and other technical errors. This could very likely cause you to fall behind in a group setting.


I enjoy troubleshooting technical errors on my free time, so if you’re committed to trying to work with this software on a less than optimal computer, I won’t stop you! However, you would be required to make up for your slower machine with a hearty amount of patience. 🙂

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