Introduction to Animation on Paper

Introduction to Animation on Paper

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An introduction to animation in the traditional mode of pencil and paper.


Are you interested in learning animation? For almost an entire century, animation was taught without the use of expensive or resource intensive computer applications. Having been trained in the method of pencil and paper animation – or flipbooks – I think the skill is still quite fun to learn.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Any stack of paper and a standard pencil are the bare minimum.


In my syllabus, I will provide a list of tools that I recommend for students looking to spend money on equipment, including things as specific as paper type and tracing pad. However, the principles I will be teaching can be achieved with regular lined notebook paper, or with reams of printer paper!



What can I expect from a paper and pencil animation course?

You can expect a whole lot of drawing and a whole lot of paper use! We will learn how to make flipbooks so that you can tell your own stories using only paper and pencils.

Do I need to have experience drawing or animating?

Whether you’re a seasoned animator hoping to learn how to flip and roll your ACME animation paper or you’re a new artist still learning how to draw, I will meet you where you’re at and customize your workload for your skill level.

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