Introduction to Animation on the Apple iPad

Introduction to Animation on the Apple iPad

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Class Description


An introduction to Animation as an artform using applications on the Apple iPad.


Having recently purchased a budget iPad myself, I was absolutely blown away by how powerful the mobile tool has become. If you’re looking to learn how to animate, and you prefer your Apple iPad to your computer at home, join me as I give an introduction to art of Animation using Rough Animator (free) and/or Procreate (one time purchase; optional).


Class Requirements


Access to an Apple iPad running iPadOS 13.2 or newer and access to an Apple Pencil for the duration of any class meeting and for at least 5 additional hours per week (for homework).


Class Supplies


Apple iPad (iOS 13.2 or later)
Apple Pencil
Rough Animator (free) and/or Procreate ($9.99 on the App Store)



Can I take this course with a non-apple tablet?

I do my best to assure that students working in different software’s will still receive the attention and education they need, though I offer classes that do not specifically require the use of an iPad. I recommend looking to see if one of my other classes is available first!

How much experience, if any, should I have?

I am comfortable teaching anyone in the range from absolute beginner to rusty, intermediate artist. If you fall somewhere on that spectrum, my classes will be a nice match.

May I use an App that you haven't mentioned?

Assuming you’re on your tablet, and more specifically your iPad, I’m sure we could make due with any app you’d like that supports animation as a feature.

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