Magic Workshop

Magic Workshop

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Class Description



Magic Workshop with John Tudor
Abra-cadabra! Learn MAGIC in a fun, interactive workshop for kids 6 to 12.


"Great class! Great job with keeping us all engaged:)
Looking forward to tomorrow’s class!" – Claudia J


Each day the students watch a brief magic show, then learn to do exciting tricks they can show to friends and family.
Make things appear and disappear, flourish cards, pull money from someone’s ear, and more!
ADVANCED WORKSHOP An Advanced Magic Workshop will be offered for those kids who have taken the basic Workshop.
PARENTAL HELP A parent or other adult
is encouraged to take the workshop with the child. It will make it much easier to learn, and remember what you’ve learned.
YOUR MAGIC If your child has a magic trick or kit already, we’d love to see what he or she is doing! Please have the tricks ready (with all the pieces and parts) before the class. We will have some suggestions to upgrade the child’s performance.


Class Requirements


Please sign in using a laptop or desktop computer, if you are able, as it does not work as well doing it by phone. Please have an open tabletop or other surface to do the magic tricks on, in front of the computer if possible. Please gather the suggested supplies before the class starts.


Class Supplies


A deck of playing cards.
Coins::, quarters are best (at least 2).
Paper napkins or paper towels.
Magic Wand (plastic type, if you have one)
pencils, drinking straws.
Salt shaker, or plastic cup.
(Optional Items)
Bubble juice and bubble stick.
Marbles (glass).
Rubber super ball.
Cup of water.
Paper lunch bag.



What if my child has a magic kit, can we do those?

Yes, we are happy to see it! And we can work with him /her to "upgrade" how they do it. Please make sure you have all the parts and pieces of the tricks.

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