Modern Web Development with HTML and CSS

Modern Web Development with HTML and CSS

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Class Description


Has your child/teen expressed interest in learning how to code or develop websites/applications? Or maybe they are naturally curious, or have an imagination a mile long? If so, this course is a great step you can make in order to help their future. With development skills, they are able to truly craft their future into what they want. In this course they will learn how to create real functional websites using HTML, and design them using CSS. We will go through ALL of the basics they will need to know how to get things up-and-running. We will be covering shortcuts that real developers use everyday to make life easier, and make building websites FAST and EASY! By the end of this class not only will they will have built a website, but they will have a roadmap of where to go from there, and what are the logical next steps. These skills will become the core building blocks that they can use to transition into more difficult programming skills. With this class they will have the advantage of having a live instructor there answering questions, and encouraging them to keep pushing to learn and solidify the difficult concepts of development.


Class Requirements


Simple computer knowledge


Class Supplies


A laptop/desktop computer Mac or Windows
A Text Editor to write code – VS Code is recommended to be able to use the short-cuts it enables



Is there any knowledge needed on coding to be successful in this class?

None at all! This class is aimed for complete beginners to get them familiar with how websites are built and styled. Even kids/teens who know something about website creation would learn a great deal.

Can I use an iPad

This is possible with a dedicated keyboard and mouse, but it is not recommended.

Would this help for WordPress, Wix, or SquareSpace?

Yes! With all of those sites you are able to add onto the sites you create using HTML/CSS to make a more complex detailed site.

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