Painting Basics

Painting Basics

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Class Description


Learn the basics of painting!


For this summer class for kids, you will learn the purpose of each paintbrush, how to blend / mix colors and some painting techniques.


We will start the class with ideas about what everyone wants to paint and then go step by step to make something beautiful.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


One Basic Pencil and Eraser
One Large Round Brush – Size 8
One Medium Flat Brush – Size 4
One Acrylic Paint Set (at least 5 colors)
One Canvas (any size you like)
One cup for water
One plate or pallet for paints



Where is the best place to get supplies?

Any basic arts and craft store will have what you need. Michaels and Hobby Lobby are great!

No Schedules Currently Available.

Please check back later in case something opens up.