Painting Your Craft

Painting Your Craft


Class Description


An innovative journey using acrylic paints to form an art piece. Instead of using brushes or knives to create a piece of art, fluid-paints are used directly on the surface and the canvas tilted to move the paint around. In this class, you will be creating with your imagination and applying paint on 2-8×10 canvas or canvas panels. No prior experience necessary.


Class Requirements

Class Supplies


My Starter kit: 3-8×8 canvas panels, 3-4×6 pieces of photo paper, 3-greeting cards w/envelopes, 7-2oz bottles of paint ready to pour, Bleeding Tissue papers, 3-4 sets of ceramic magnets & cabochons, Mod-Podge.
Cost: $25 + Priority shipping, $15


Supply list {if not purchased from me} (some items can be found at Dollar Tree)
• 3- 8×10 canvas or canvas boards
• 4-6 bottles of paint, plus 2 8oz bottles of white paint. I suggest purchasing at Walmart the craft paint called Gloss.
• Also need product called Coconut Milk its by OGX and it is a clear product. Must be Inserted into paint, 5 drops.
• 2-3_4x6 photo paper
• 3-Blank greeting cards with envelopes
• Bleeding Tissue Papers, Can be purchased on
• Magnets, clear glass beads
• Mod-podge


Other items needed – around the house.
• craft sticks
• 10 Dixie cups
• Gloves
• paper towels
• spray bottle with water
• tweezers
• scissors
• ruler
• wax paper
• clear strapping tape
• pen
• foam brush
Table protection: old tablecloth or newspapers, old flat cookie sheet.


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