Zero-Waste Land

Zero-Waste Land

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Class Description


Welcome to Zero-Waste Land! In this class we will discover methods anyone can implement for a Zero-Waste lifestyle and become more self-sufficient.
We will redefine what is considered "trash".
We will discover new uses for items that would otherwise be thrown away.
We will even make art out of trash.
We will compost and make new nutrient dense soil.
We will garden and make big salads from our harvest.
We will talk about Permaculture methods.
We will practice self-sufficiency.
We will become Verdant.


Class Requirements


None. Just have an open mind!


Class Supplies


Supplies aren’t required for this class. But feel free to bring materials to take notes if you’d like.



What is Zero-Waste and why is it important?

Zero-Waste refers to the amount of trash an individual or an entire community will send to the landfill. Although Zero-Waste is the dream goal, it is important for everyone to start decreasing the amount they send to the landfill. The sum total of all of our efforts could make a difference in supporting global ecosystems.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a way of incorporating systems into landscaping that will benefit plants, animals, and humans for years to come. Permaculture methods are defined by systems that self-regulate and perpetuate in accordance with the local environment.

What does it mean to become Verdant?

Verdant means "to be green" and is usually used to describe a lucsious garden or grassy field. However, when we become Verdant, then we stop thinking like a consumer and start thinking like plants. We become aligned with Nature and become more connected to it.

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