Darryl M Reed


I am passionate for people. I am an engaging and practical instructor. I encourage class participation, having fun and building life-long friendships. Being an instructor doesn't mean I have all the answers; it simply means I enjoy pursing the answers and sharing its truths. Remember, a problem is merely an unanswered question.

Hello! This is my story.

I go by the name, Daryl Michael. I have over 30 years Investment Operations experience. I’ve also taught spiritual development and practical application at several local ministries and outreach centers. I am also a freelance photographer and videographer. In addition, I enjoy composing music; mostly eclectic arrangements. I enjoy teaching because I have a deep passion for helping others succeed; it’s what makes me happiest. However, admittedly, I often find myself gleaning wisdom from those I teach. I love a synergistic atmosphere where people have the freedom to reveal, express and share their true selves.

During the course of the class, we will explore and marry two separate yet deeply related concepts: Life Choices & Retirement Planning. Everyday–every hour of the day–we make choices. What clothes do I wear today? What program or movie to watch on television? Am I going to vote Republican or Democrat this election cycle? The choices are endless. Managing one’s finances is no different. I like to think of it as Stewardship Management–managing what has been placed in your care? If you earn, say, $10 an hour and you work 40 hours a week, your gross weekly pay is $400. Let’s say you’re 25 years old. That means you have at least 40 (plus) working years left in you. What will be your savings/steward management strategy? What investment vehicle will you use to save? A 401(k), stocks, bonds or UTA (under the mattress)? Well, which ever investment path you decide, it will require thinking and planning.

Now let’s take it up a notch… Imagine you just got paid (using our previous 25 year old example). You have a net check of $334 (imaginary taxes withheld) to budget for the week. Your phone bill is due in two days and you’ve just learned your favorite tennis or designer shoes has gone on sale for 50% off. Now you find yourself standing at the proverbial fork in the road: Pay the phone bill or take advantage of the deep discount? What do you do?!

The objective of my course is to examine our habitual tendencies, common sense analysis and money awareness; we’ll also discuss how to practice forward–not immediate gratification–thinking. Lastly, we will examine small, practical steps you can take to secure your financial future. Keep in mind, this class is NOT aimed at offering financial/investment advice. Rather, the thrust is to help you see how choices affect your money, and how the two, choices and money, intersect to reveal who you are. I hope you can join me. I look forward to seeing you. Thank you.

My Education

Langston University
BA Business
Yale University

Retirement Planning

Trust Company of Oklahoma
Retirement Specialist (2019)
Self - employed
Teacher/Mentor Spiritual Development
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