DJ Gabie “The Gift”

DJ Instructor

Hailing from The Streets of New York, Devro D. Delk, known to many as DJ Gabie "The Gift", is one of the most talented, and dedicated disc jockeys that the music industry has seen. Born and raised in Ruff Buff (Buffalo, NY) the home of Rick James, DJ Gabie "The Gift" grew up with a passion for music and the arts. Est. in 1989

I Am DJ Gabie “The Gift” This is Me…

In 1992, DJ Gabie “The Gift” put out an album called “The Fanatic Swing” with the group the Hip Hop Fanatics from Buffalo, New York.

After the album dropped, DJ Gabie “The Gift” put all of his efforts into being a world-class disc jockey and performer showcasing his talents.

DJ Gabie “The Gift” has already accomplished a lot and has no plans of stopping now. Having such determination for success and passion for expressing his talents, no wonder he is known as “The Gift”!

My Education

The Streets
Taught by professional mobile DJ's (1989)
DJ Battle circuit, NYC
Competition Training (1995-1997)
Scratch DJ Academy, NYC
Instructional Training (1997)

My Experience

Scratch DJ Academy, NYC
DJ Instructior (1998-2000)
Sprite With These Handz Mix Academy
DJ Instructor (2004-2007)
Self - employed DJ
Booking manager (2000-Present)
Live broadcast producer
Live show streaming (2015- Present)