Elisabeth Capeder

Balloon twister

I actually started learning to create balloons as a young girl. I started learning balloons so I could help out at church festivals and at family birthday party's. But as I got better and better word of mouth spread out my business, and I started doing balloon's for large events, and festivals in my area. I love doing what I do because it gives me a chance to add fun and excitement to the lives of lots of people. And do give kids a chance even just for a moment to experience something more. Something different.

Hello! This is my story.

Hi there! My name is Lizzie. And I’m a small town girl from California. I started learning balloon twisting as a young girl. As I got older I started to get the reputation that I could do balloon’s. at small festivals and birthday party’s. This progressed into larger events and now has be come a very fun source of income.

My favor part about my job is how excited the children get. In all honesty it’s very exciting to me to have a talent that can help bring so much joy into so many peoples lives.

My Experience

Running a balloon twisting business
Starting my own balloon business I have actual real life experience in the field
Business owner.
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