Emilia Bjork-Perkins

Teaching artist.

I’ve been teaching theatre, singing, dance and fitness on and off for many years. I enjoy teaching all ages and tailor my classes to the age and experience levels of the participants. My students finding joy in discovery and experiencing personal growth is the main goal for me as an instructor.

My story.

My name is Emilia Björk-Perkins. I moved to the US in 2014 from Sweden, when I was accepted into Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California. The training at Dell’Arte focuses on exploring and creating your own original characters, worlds, and eventually plays with the physical body and the ensemble as a starting point. I spent 3 years there honing my craft and learning amazing tools that I have been excited to share with others and apply to my work and life in general ever since. After graduation I interned at a local theatre in the area where I was wearing many hats as a performer, teaching artist, prop designer and administrator for a year before leaving California. I now live in Saint Paul, MN where I freelance as a performer and teaching artist, and run a small theatre company called Cahoot Physical Theatre.
When I’m not working I enjoy spending time in nature, writing songs and practicing yoga.

I believe that through studying theatre we can find a place where anything is possible. Through exploring character we can free our minds, and put ourselves in someone else shoes for a while. We lend our body to speak the characters’ truth, to share their story with others. It teaches us sympathy and compassion, and that no person is only one thing. Every person, every character has many different shades and angles, dimensions waiting to be discovered by the curious actor that is willing to explore and imagine.

My Education

Dell'Arte School of Physical Theatre
Ensemble Based Physical Theatre
Kulturama Institute For The Arts
Classic and Physical Theatre

My Experience

Actor, creator, teaching artist
Cahoot Physical Theatre
Co-founder, producer, company member
Ferndale Repertory Theatre
Artist-administrator in residence, teaching artist
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