Emmanuel Lopez

Emmanuel Lopez

I seek to develop mathematical intuition and share the beauty and symmetry of numbers, because I'd like to prepare people to solve real life problems to build a better smarter world.

Hello! This is my story.

I’ve always liked maths and numbers even when I was a kid. My heroes included the likes of Einstein, Ramanujan, Euler, and Feynman. I chased this interest down and pursued Computer Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. I tried to go into Electrical Engineering, but ran out of money and resources, so I switched to software instead. Still I have a passion for math I’d like to share, and AI gives me a reason to learn more.


Literally the Internet
Pre-engineering, Associates in mathematics
Internet, Open Course Ware, Coursera, School of AI, Etc
Artificial Intelligence
But seriously the Internet
About half of my math is from the Internet.

My Experience

Xenon full body
Project Manager
Self - employed
Technical Finance Trader
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