Jack Buss

Animation Instructor

Before pursing an undergrad course in animation, I was a fully self taught 2D and 3D online animation freelancer. I have strong opinions on the way that some instructors structure their animation courses, and I believe I can teach any student optimally. Together, we will explore numerous different applications for the beautiful art of animation!

Hello! Let’s Learn to Animate!

I am a passionate animator who would love to help you discover or further explore the principles of animation! I am experienced in 2D digital, 2D traditional, and 3D animation, and my courses will be structured to be applicable for students learning with any medium.

I began teaching myself animation when I was 13 years old and continued my journey as an independent animation student until deciding to earn an undergraduate in animation from California State University, Fullerton. I have experience learning from just about every teaching style there is for animation, and I have strong opinions about what is engaging and what is fluff.

I am interested in each individual students progress, and I make an extra special effort to meet students where they are at and to match their experience with the information I believe they need.

My Education

Cal State - Fullerton
BFA in Entertainment Art and Animation (2021)
Golden West College
AA in Studio Arts (2017)

My Experience

Animation Freelancer
since 2014
Private Animation Tutor
since 2019