Josephine Carnes

Josephine Carnes

My Story

I have been coding with HTML and CSS coding for over 10 years, both on already hosted platforms and from scratch. I began coding when I was in grade school. I taught myself how to use HTML and CSS to manipulate site created through ProBoards and JCInk, which are hosted forums. After graduating grade school, I continued to manipulate these types of sites and challenging myself to always do more.

I began pursuing formal schooling in 2018. I completed my Certificate of Completion from DeVry University for Web Design and Development in 2019. I am currently enrolled at DeVry University and scheduled to graduate this fall with a B.A. in Multimedia Design and Development.

My Education

DeVry University
Certificate of Completion for Web Design and Development
DeVry University
B.A. Multimedia Design and Development

My Experience

Adobe Suite
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