Keith Smith

Custom Home Designer

Hello, my name is Keith Smith. I have been designing custom homes since 1990. I attended college at the University of Houston, where I majored in Architecture. I have worked for several home builders, architects, & home designers around the Greater Houston area.

Hello! This is my story.

My love for home design started when I was around the age of 6 yrs old. My parents moved to neighborhood with only 4 homes. Over the next 14 yrs I got to see every home on the street built from ground up. Once in high school I took a drafting class where my final project was to design a home from next 3 yrs in high school I took more drafting classes focused on architecture. My next steps took me through college with a focus on architecture as well, before entering the working world at my first drafting position with a custom home designer.

My Education

University of Houston
LeTourneau Univeristy

My Experience

Chase Designs
Designer 1990-1993
Brickland Homes
Designer 1994-1995
Signature Group Architects
Designer 1995-1998
Darling Homes
Rohe & Wright Custom Builders
Tilson Homes
Designer 2005-2009
Homes by David Powers
Designer 2011-2020
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