Kimo Eltantawi


I enjoy teaching guitar to such a degree it’s perhaps matched with my love of playing. I'm guessing when a person is pursuing a career in music, the teaching side may take a back seat to perhaps the performing/writing/recording/collaborating pursuit. Not for me apparently. Strangely, I got the bug for teaching guitar prior to receiving a degree. By the same token, even being considered a good guitar player.... Nonetheless, it was then that I realized how rewarding teaching was - more important, how rewarding it could be if I worked at it.

A bit about Kimo

Kimo’s teaching experience has been rich to say the least. With a teaching career that spans twenty years, Kimo decided in 2018 to shift his efforts in developing and delivering fun and informative music lessons via Zoom, Google-hangouts and Skype (among other online mediums). Kimo believes his musical accomplishments are not rooted in his accolades but rather ones consideration in allowing him to offer the gift of music.

My Education

Berklee College of Music (2002)
Professional Music

My Experience

Teaching music education at both K-12 private and public schools
Working as guitar instructor throughout the United States and abroad
Offering guitar lessons belonging to all common guitar constructions and genres
Offering electric bass instruction, music theory instruction, band/ensemble coaching, composing, arranging and songwriting instruction
Owning and operating a music a retail/repair/instruction business
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