Maddisun Bilderain

Preschool Teacher

Hello! I am so glad you have expressed interest in enrolling your child to my preschool classroom! With these hard times it is still so very crucial that our next generation gets a proper education, so that is what I'm here to do. I will help engage them thru not only games and fun, but mindful activities and deeper thought processes! I cannot wait to help your child grow and learn.

This is my story.

I have always had children in my life. I grew up as the oldest of 8, also helping my mom run a daycare. After I found joy in that I started working in a “in home” preschool where I learned to give instruction at the age of 9. I continued to progress in this area with doing child care as my main job, both nanny work and babysitting. Along with this I became a lead teacher in my high schools preschool, where I would create the curriculum, give it to others to teach, and of course myself. Upon graduating I have worked with many many children in all settings and have even already lead an online preschool class, many kids still learning English. I can confidently state that your child will be in great hands and get a thoughtful education.

As an added bonus I have a background in ASL and Spanish, in which I do my best to implement into my classroom. I can teach basic “baby” sign and small sentences to use. I also have learned a lot about different Childs needs thru language and can provide more skills with that in mind.

My Education

Century High School
Chancellors Diploma Graduate
Portland State University

My Experience

Preschool Lead Teacher: 2 years
Virtual Teacher: 6 months
Babysitter: 10+ years
Nanny: 1 year