Meggie Ramm

Cartoonist Meggie Ramm

Meggie Ramm (they/them) is a non-binary cartoonist and comic educator. They graduated from California College of the Arts with an MFA in Comics in 2017. They’ve done work for the New Yorker, Everyday Feminism and Silver Sprocket, and have comics in the Advanced Death Saves and Votes 4 Women anthologies. They are the sole creator of Stick World, and their anti-anxiety pocketbook You Will Be Okay was published through Silver Sprocket in 2019. They are ½ of the comics podcast ‘Pop! Whiz! Bang!’, and they’ve spent the last five years teaching comics to kids across the East Bay. Currently they are creating Littlest Dungeon Guard comic strips for Sunday HaHa while working on their first full length graphic novel. You can keep up to date on upcoming projects by following Meggie on instagram or patreon.

⭐️Let’s make some comics!⭐️

Do you love comics? So do I! Let’s make some together!

If you enjoy Dogman or the Babysitter’s Club, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll go over character design, sound effects, drawing backgrounds (plus some sneaky tricks on cheating at drawing backgrounds, and more!

Learn about emanata, the secret code of comics that make superheroes fly and pies smell!

Lastly, we’ll learn how to make multi-page comics using tools that you have in your own home!

My Education

University of Michigan
BA in Fine Arts and BS in Environmental Studies (2014)
California College of the Arts
MFA in Comics (2017)

My Experience

Nusku Arts
Comic Teacher - 5 years
California College of the Arts
YASP professor - 3 years
The Escapist
Youth Comic Coordinator - 2 years
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