Natasha Olivier Parks

Art and Expression

I have worked in schools with various age groups from grade school to high school. I worked at a science and art program in Oakland at a recreation center, and did a writing and music program with Camp Sweeney, in San Leandro and I have substituted for St. Mary's College High School, in Berkeley, for Art and Theater classes. I am going to introduce art as a form of expression for interpret a piece of art from an artist for interpretation, giving the students access to visual art and writing to form their own opinion on the piece. And lastly, I am also going to use, music with the lyrics on the screen, for the students to engage in music and write their own verses as a form of expression. And lastly, we would delve into various visual art projects. Vision boards, Watercolor paintings to express feelings, and shapes as an introduction to drawing.

Hello! My name is Natasha Olivier-Parks.

I am a graduate of UC Berkeley, and have had the experience of travelling to several countries abroad and to live and work in Germany. My experience has helped to embrace new cultures, languages, food, and most importantly art and history. It has provided insight for how art throughout the centuries has impacted our view on what has happened in our timeline. That has lead me to want to explore how our mind works with in our society, and how art has impacted our mentality. How we interpret art and how we feel while we are listening, looking, and producing art pieces.

My Education

University of California, Berkeley
BA English Literature (2001)
University of California, Berkeley
AA African American Studies(2001)
University of California, Berkeley
AA Women's Studies (2001)

My Experience

Love Never Fails
Program Coordinator/Store Lead
Standard Cognition
Law Office
Legal Secretary
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