Penny Jones


Penny A Jones B.S. Degree in Elementary Education B.S. Degree in Animation

Hello! This is my story.

Penny has a Bachelor of Science degree in both Elementary Education and in Animation. Always having a passion for the creative arts, Penny started her journey as an intern at age 15 for a newspaper, where she created weekly comic strips. She has gone on to both write and illustrate her own children book series, as well as illustrate children books for several different authors. She has worked as an intern and Production Assistant for Mike Young Productions, Flash Animator for Fine toon Studios and Wonderworks Entertainment and Clean -Up Artist for To Animate for The Cel of It Productions. More recently she has worked as an after-school art teacher, teaching children how to draw, comic creation, paint, create jewelry and sculpture.

Penny has always believed that being creative is an important aspect in development, creative self-expression, as well as developing important problem-solving skills. Penny still does book illustration as well as working towards creating her own online comic series.
She lives in Southern California with her husband, Charles Jones, and her two cats, Buddy and Bella.

My Education

Hyles-Anderson College
B.S. in Elementary Education
Westwood College
B.S. in Animation

My Experience

Freelance Illustrator
Illustrating children books for authors
Parker-Anderson Enrichment
After school art teacher
Freelance Clean-Up Artist
Animate for The Cel of It Studios
Freelance Animator
Finetoon Studios
Freelance Animator
Wonder Works Entertainment