Sabrina Cyrus

Sabrina Cyrus

Sabrina is an artist from San Diego, California. She worked at Starbucks serving coffee and smiles while studying many mediums of art in college. After spending a year as a ballroom dance teacher, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and baby boy. Now a full-time mom, she loves to coach artists, create custom portraits, and paint beautiful acrylic landscapes.

Art & Illustration

Art is one of the most beautiful and expressive ways to communicate. Our art is as unique as our fingerprint. A lot of people think you need to be born with talent to draw, but it is a skill that can be practiced and improved!

Art can be used to tell a story, to express your emotions, and to solve problems! After studying many styles of art, I felt most drawn to character design. With so many types of character art, you’ll always have something new to learn!

My character design classes are for any age, and any artist level. We begin with the basics, then add on the rest like layers! Its the perfect opportunity to learn something new, or hone your skills.

The goal of my character design course is to provide you with the tools to create a diverse range of characters for any of your projects.

My Education

Arizona State University
Product Design
Palomar College
Traditional Art & 3D Modeling

My Experience

Blueskies Workshop
Self Employed Portrait Artist & Acrylic Painter
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