Stefani Sarmiento

Psychologists teacher

Stefani Sarmiento, a psychologist from the University of La Sabana of colombia, I have a master's degree in human resources and many years of experience in clinical, social, business, and educative psychologist, I love my degree and I believe that everybody have to know about this field of study.

Hi everyone

My name its stefani sarmiento but you can call me, Miss Stef or just stef, I have been studying psychologis for almost 10 years, I belive that everybody have to know about it and the reason its because ITS HEALTHY, if its healthy its good for you !

I have a lot of subjects for you, we going to go across different fields which are so important about your development, also I want to give you some wonderful tools which are useful for your grow up, every day you going to realized that life its justs about be the best version of yourself.
love you, value you and enjoy your self-love.

My Education

Sabana University
Bachelor of psychology
Sabana University
Human Resources Psychologist

My Experience

Generalist Human Resources
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