Tara Khoury

Art Instructor

Hello! This is my story.

Hello little artists!
My name is Tara, I will be your teacher for this class, and I’m going to make our adventure a fun one!
Together, we are going to learn all about drawing, painting, mixing colors, making awesome crafts, getting creative with paint supplies…everything you can think of.
You can create art and make wonderful paintings using anything from dish sponges, plastic cups, and even your own hands!
Every class will be a fun one. Each week we will have a new surprise painting or a new craft to create.
I will teach you step by step how to draw and paint it, and make things you thought were difficult. Simply, yet beautiful things can come from your imagination when you water it!
With your hidden talents and my help, you will be making masterpieces in no time.
Let’s get messy !

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